during COVID-19

We are happy to keep searching, finding and  building bridges with you in these changing times.

Eventhough we shed our skins, and in a way are forced to rebirth ourselves. Underneath those skins, lies the essence the core of who we truly desire to be. OUR DEVINE SELF.

We are goddesses, we are witches, we are ancient, we are de Devine women who came to return to the the root.

And because this mission is stronger than what is happening on the surface. We thank technology, and welcome her to assist us to join and gather ONLINE.

Feel welcome to be, join and share just as you are.

- 13 AUG: How to create an Altar ( Home is where your heart is)

- 10 SEPT:Create your sacred space ( Inner & outer)

-  8 OCT: Womb Blood/Menstrual cycles

- 12 NOV: Women's rituals, Shamanism, moon cycles 2.0

- 20-21 DEC: Ancient Women festival

Tijd: 20.00-21.30

*Theme’s are subject to change and to clarified as we move forward.

We look forward to embrace you!

We will use Zoom for these meetings and will update as speakers join us and topics become more detailed.

- How to join through zoom?

Download Zoom (www.zoom.us) On laptop,pc or phone

Have a stable internet connection

Use headphones with mic 

Have a nice and preferable silent space to tune in and connect.

With Love,

Kristal, Floor, Iraas, Franzi & Jennifer


©2020 Ancient Women Festival.